Dear Amelia,
Our love went beyond mountains and canteens,
But stopped when you met my brother.

Dear Amelia,
I would love to send you a cat by mail but I doubt postmen ship in Hell.
And if they did; even cats, who are known to be evil,
Could’t stand your mean jokes.
Dear Amelia,
Your heart was red, cosy, warm, fuzzy and black,
from all those cigarettes and that’s why you died.
Dear Amelia,
Do you absolutely have to be dead ?
We still have bills to pay
Dear Amelia,
You used to say  » Never say Never, say  Never in Hell! »
Now it’s you, who are in Hell.
Dear Amelia,
No, nothing.
Texte: Claudia Bortolino
Illustrations: Lucie Mouton